Richard Nixon

My small victories today:

1. Revising two paragraphs of an essay.

2. Spending about 40% of my time in aero position on my (relatively new) tri bike over the course of a 10-mile ride.

3. Averaging almost 17 mph on said ride.

4. Getting out on a ride in the middle of a busy day.

Many people I know would scoff at my victories today. “Only two paragraphs? Pffffft. Only 40% in aero? Pfffft. Only 17 mph? Pffffft,” I can hear them say. But I did all of these things to the best of MY ability. As long as I’m writing, riding, whatever, to the best of my ability on any given day, I’m happy. Every day will bring its challenges. It’s useless to compare ourselves to others. Keep your head down and focus on yourself (unless you’re on a bike, then you’ll need to keep your head up).

Photo credit: Bill Alldredge (http://www.flickr.com/people/billypalooza/)