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On my previous blog a couple of years ago, I posted an occasional series I titled “Guess Who’s Writing a Memoir?” Generally these were C-list, D-list, and even lower celebrity memoirs. I regularly read Publisher’s Lunch in the years that I was working on my memoir and trying to get it out there in the world. I received rejection after rejection only to learn that someone like Howard Stern’s sidekick “BaBa Booey” or Jackass’ Stevo-O were getting book deals while I toiled away. I would turn to my husband and say, “You’ll never guess who’s writing a memoir.” And the series was born.

I still read Publisher’s Lunch and remain entertained by some of the memoir deals that come through.

For today’s edition, can you guess who is writing a memoir based on the following information? This is a quote from the “author”:

“Oh, my story is insanely insane. I think I could do a hell of a book. I could make (Motley Crue’s) ‘The Dirt’ look clean if I wanted to. Or it could also be a photo book of all the early … pictures that chicks from the Internet cannot get enough of, the pinups and stuff. Every time I put one of those on my web site, the Internet shuts down. I’d want to write it by myself; I look at Duff McKagen’s book, Dee Snider’s — they wrote those by themselves and they’re amazing book. The main thing is it has to blow me away before I release it. It has to give me goose bumps or I won’t put it out.”