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Rachael at Poor Farm Studios, Mankato, Minnesota. Photo by Stephanie Wilbur Ash.

On Saturday, Oct. 6, I attended the RACA (Rural American Contemporary Art) magazine launch at Brian and Wilbur Frink’s Poor Farm Studios outside of Mankato, Minnesota. Brian and the whole RACA gang (including editor Stephanie Wilbur Ash) are doing some great things to celebrate art that comes out of rural America.

Brian Frink, artist and host extraordinaire. (Photos by author unless otherwise noted.)

Amy Korteum

Amy Korteum provided interludes of beautiful harp music between readers. I read an excerpt from WE’LL BE THE LAST ONES TO LET YOU DOWN, and other readers included Kirstin Cronn-Mills, Geoff Herbach, Rick Robbins and John Jodzio.

Photo of author courtesy of Nicole Helget

Brian and Wilbur’s home is a renovated county poor farm. They’ve done a beautiful job with the place–it’s a true artist’s home, filled with art, bright colors and books.

Ironic? This was the book on Brian’s bookshelf in the gallery where we ate potluck-style.

The best outfit of the evening.

Stephanie Wilbur Ash (aka Goth Mom) knows how to rock an outfit while playing emcee.

I look forward to more RACA events!