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Glenwood Cemetery, Mankato, Minn. Photo by author.

Occasionally I’ll be trolling the Web to bring you national and international stories that relate to cemeteries, funerals, etc. If the stories pique my interest, I hope you might find them noteworthy, too.

Here’s one story from the Boston.com: 

One man has chosen to walk through nine cemeteries in the Conway, Mass., area and document every person who has died since 1952. And not just list their names; he’s going to research the person’s history and find the cause of death.

Why since 1952? Because in 1951-52, a Mrs. Max Lederer documented everyone who was buried in Conway. Her list is 218 pages long. It’s not clear if Mrs. Lederer died or simply gave up. Maybe her hand became paralyzed after writing 218 pages. In any case the list hasn’t been updated for 60 years.

And why has Peter Friesen chosen to update the list? Standing over the graves of three children who died within the span of days, he says, ‘‘This is one of the interesting things about doing a project like this. I think about how the parents felt to lose three children in a week. That’s the kind of thing that makes it interesting to think about the lives the people had.”

Peter, I hear ya. He should come to Waseca. I think he’d enjoy the stories that arise from those cemeteries, too.