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Photo Credit: lastquest via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: lastquest via Compfight cc

I’m doing some research into the use of social networking to express grief. I find myself a little surprised sometimes at the disclosure of very personal feelings surrounding grief and loss that I find on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Even though I wrote a book about death, loss, and grief, conversely I feel rather private about those feelings. I know that sounds strange! It’s hard to explain. It makes me wonder if I would have used Facebook had it been around in 1990 when I was 15 and my dad died. I relied heavily upon my friends–it’s just that the support was in-person, not virtual. Would I have taken advantage of a virtual social network?

What do you think about public displays of grief on social networking sites? Have you taken advantage of social media to share your story and your feelings?

More later–I’m reading a great article right now about this very subject.