I’m happy to turn this post over to my blogging friend, Liam O’Dell. As best as I can tell, we started blogging around the same time. It’s nice to be connected to someone halfway around the world! He’s doing some neat things over on his blog and I really admire his commitment to blogging. If you are looking to get into blogging or just want some overall blogging tips, his latest project should be of interest to you. Here’s what he’s up to now!

Introducing: imPRESSive – A Guest Blog Post by The Life of a Thinker
Hello there, it’s Liam from The Life of a Thinker. I was fortunate to receive the opportunity to guest blog on Rachael’s blog, so I thought I’d use the opportunity to explain more about my upcoming blog event, called “imPRESSive” (as the title suggests). So, a few FAQ’s…
What is imPRESSive? – Have you accidentally turned on the Caps Lock?
Nope, I did it like that to show its relevance to WordPress. The aim/goal of imPRESSive is to hopefully inspire more people to start up a blog, but also to provide some useful information to already established bloggers.
Where and when will this take place?
It will take place on my blog, The Life of a Thinker, starting on Saturday 23rd February at 12pm (GMT) and last for six weeks, all linking to different aspects of blogging.
Who’s providing the tips?
Don’t worry, it’s not just me. I’ve interviewed a variety of bloggers (some new, and some who have been blogging for longer) with their views, opinions and advice on the topics. I also aim to get insights from those working at WordPress.
What are the six topics?
Now, that’d be telling. Haha!
How can I get involved?
There are many ways! On Twitter, you can follow @lifeofathinker and tweet the Hashtag #DocPRESS, and on Facebook, you can “like” me on “The Life of a Thinker Blog” and confirm that you are “going” my event on Facebook. (“imPRESSive”). On both, I have (and will) ask questions, and use them in the posts. So go on, get involved!
Hang on, #DocPRESS? What does that stand for?
It stands for “Documentary Press”, I had to change it because #impressive was too general, and wasn’t specific to the project. Just to confirm, imPRESSive is the name of the project, #DocPRESS is the Hashtag.
Thanks, anything else?
Well, I want to get as many people viewing the posts and getting involved. There are many ways you can help with that. Here are just a few…
1. “Re – Blog” Every imPRESSive blog post:
2. When referring to imPRESSive on Twitter, use the Hashtag “#DocPRESS”.
3. Confirm that you are “going” to imPRESSive on Facebook, (Search “imPRESSive” and you should find an event with my logo on it) and “invite” your friends.
4. Share the link on every social network.
5. Interview me if you want, to get followers interested – or let me do a guest blog!
6. Ask your followers to follow me on Twitter (@lifeofathinker) and Facebook (/TheLifeofaThinkerBlog) for more updates.
A few?! That’s quite a lot? Do I have to?
Not at all, but like I said, any help will be greatly appreciated…
So there’s a few FAQ’s, and should answer all, if not most of your questions. Be sure to stop by when it all starts on 23rd February!
Thanks for reading,