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The Atlantic article on L.A.'s recent death salon.

The Atlantic article on L.A.’s recent death salon.

Seriously. Please let me know.

It seems that death has hit the mainstream. Or maybe it has hit it’s annual Halloween peak. A weekend-long “death salon” in Los Angeles, which featured writers, artists, sociologists and funeral directors, attracted huge crowds of people. An article about it was featured in The Atlantic. This video segment on “CBS Sunday Morning” explained the joys of living next to a cemetery. Caitlin Doughty, a goth-looking young mortician in L.A., has almost 20,000 likes on her Facebook page, The Order of the Good Death.

Yet, when I post death-related topics, I get relatively few likes and comments. My main audience is still relatively small and centered on rural Minnesota. Maybe we just aren’t death-salon-going people around here. But if we are, I will be organizing one. I bet Ann Rosenquist Fee will help me.