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Two people who have left important legacies. Photo from Reuters.

Two people who have left important legacies. Photo from Reuters.

Just a day after Nelson Mandela’s death was announced, few official details about remembrance ceremonies and funeral are available. But the Telegraph in the U.K. has pulled together information to let us know what we can expect. There will be public memorials, such as at the Soweto football stadium. Mandela’s body will then lie in state as dignitaries and regular citizens will be offered a chance to pay their respects.

I’m most interested in what will happen at the burial at Qunu, which according to the Telegraph will be done in the Xhosa tribal tradition. The Telegraph story says:

“Xhosa tradition usually includes the slaughter of a cow or sheep, periods of prayer, singing and silence, and the possessions of the loved one placed inside their grave to help them in the afterlife. As a lover of good food, whose personal cook is a celebrity in her own right in South Africa, Mr Mandela is likely to have stipulated that a final feast be held in his honour.”

Mandela had picked out a burial spot, which is on a hillside overlooking the fields where he worked on his family farm as a boy.

As when anyone dies, we want important legacies to continue. What legacy of Mandela’s do you want to see live on?