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When I grew up in Waseca in the 1970s and ’80s, I don’t think I ever went to a “memorial service.” There was a wake at the funeral home, and then a funeral at the church. The only variation was that sometimes the casket was closed at the wake.

I was unfamiliar with the concept of memorial services until well into my adulthood. I still have been to very few, and I think almost all of them have been in a church. These memorial services generally have been held because the deceased was cremated, so there’s no body to view. Or else the person wasn’t particularly religious, so a funeral church service didn’t make sense.

It’s customary around here after the funeral to go to a relative’s home and continue to chat, eat, and (sometimes) drink. I guess that could be considered a quasi-memorial service.

But I hear of people who attend memorial services at bars, parks, or restaurants. That got me wondering, where is the most unusual place you’ve been for a memorial service?