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On Wednesday, I met with a book club who had taken a field trip to Waseca to visit cemeteries and graves that I mention in my memoir. I’ve heard of people doing this occasionally, but this is the first time I heard of an entire group doing a tour of Waseca cemeteries. I had created a map a while ago and posted it to my website for just this purpose. I’m someone who likes to visit places mentioned in books whenever possible; I was hoping readers of my book would enjoy doing the same thing.

I think of this as the “Hanel reality tour” because of the Seinfeld episode in which Kramer charges people for a bus tour of sites mentioned in J. Peterman’s book. The book is actually not about Peterman–he had paid Kramer for use of Kramer’s stories to assemble the memoir. Anyway, enjoy this short clip.

I was happy to contribute a bit to Waseca’s summer tourism bottom line! I met with the women at Thompson’s Boathouse to talk about the book. I invite other book clubs and individuals to partake in a similar tour!

Have you purposely toured places mentioned in a book? If so, where?