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I watched the Robin Williams film What Dreams May Come last night, the first time since my initial viewing of it in 1998.

I wrote in my post yesterday that I know I didn’t like the film much the first time, but I could not remember why. I still remain lukewarm about the movie, but it’s hard to put my finger on why. The sentimentality factor is pretty high.


But if you like the following, you might like What Dreams May Come:

* The idea that we have true soul mates.

* The notion that we are reunited with our loved ones (including our pets!) after death.

* Big, expansive, colorful visuals. It won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

* Annabella Sciorra.




It’s worth a watch in light of Robin Williams’ death because of the scene in which the Williams character and his heavenly guide (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) talk about suicide and what happens to the souls who commit suicide.

One of my favorite lines: “You didn’t disappear. You only died.”