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Photo Credit: darkmatter via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: darkmatter via Compfight cc

I suppose I’m too old to become a professional runner. Never mind too slow. But today was a day when my running went so much better than my writing. It makes me want to run more and write less.

The words just were not flowing this morning. I had about three hours to write, and I felt like I wasted that precious time. I wasn’t focused, and everything I wrote and re-read seemed dull and boring. Who will ever want to read this? I wondered.

My friend Ben is a genius:

I came home and set out for a run, a 10K I had been planning to do all week. The run went so well. I felt strong and ran a decent pace — about the same pace as late October when I did my two half-marathons. Here we are, six weeks later. I had taken almost all of November off and ate like there was no tomorrow. I think I had more alcohol in the month of November than in the previous six months combined. So to come back after all of that and not lose any fitness — I was happy.

I set a goal today — run a 10K at a good pace — and met it. I feel accomplished. My writing goal? Not met, and I feel discouraged.

As tempting as it is to focus on what’s easy, where’s the challenge in that? Running gives me short-term, day-to-day satisfaction. Writing satisfaction is more long-term. Even a bad day like today probably won’t be all bad. Sometimes my best revelations and inspirations have come out of a bad writing session. We shall see!

Is there something you turn to for a sense of immediate accomplishment? Something to balance more long-term accomplishments?