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Almost every day I come across more ways you can keep a loved one’s ashes with you. Well, perhaps not every day, but I subscribe to newsletters that carry this type of information, so I may be more attuned than most 🙂

Five ways you can use human cremains:

LifeGem makes jewelry from human ashes.

LifeGem makes jewelry from human ashes.

* Jewelry. This one has been around for a while. LifeGem is one company that will create these unique items. Because all ashes are different, you won’t know the color until the jewelry is created.


* A vinyl record. For that music lover whom you loved, the ashes can be pressed into vinyl.


* Tattoos. Ashes can be mixed with tattoo ink.


* Paintings. Ashes can be mixed with paints, too.

And finally…

* Sex toys. Yes, really. If you just have to have more info, click here.