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A single word: Space.

But not simple. Dictionary.com gives 19 definitions for “space.”

For me, this week, it’s about mental space. Last week was finals week, which for me encompassed a flurry of mad grading. I’m still not completely done (I’ve saved the best for last: essay revisions from students in my Specialized Writing class. Piece of cake, because those students were so good!).

But even with the grading, chunks of time opened up because I was not committed to a class schedule. So what did I do? Worked on research for my Ph.D. Started reading two books. Banged out 1,500 words for what I hope is a new project.

Most of all, though, I had space to think. As the need for class preps and class itself disappeared, room to think expanded. I’m loving it.

It’s Sunday evening, and I don’t have to pack a lunch for the next day, or figure out what to wear on Monday (because of my early morning class on Mondays, I needed to do that personal prep work the night before). I don’t have to pop into my online classes or answer student emails. So what will I do? Read the newspaper and maybe check out a couple of articles on my favorite online sites.

Welcome back, brain.