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* Musing on what makes Minnesota great. I had a brief, but engaging, conversation on Wednesday with a couple of women from my writing group on what we think defines Minnesota creativity. All states produce writers, musicians, film makers, etc., but Minnesota’s creatives have a unique stamp. I think I’ve started to define it: it’s dark, but honest and real. I┬áhope to develop an essay that explores this in more depth.

* Puppy pictures! A new Northwind whippets litter was born on May 12 (Northwind is where we got Kahlil and Nina). Look at these little guys and girls!


* “Frida Kahlo is Having a Moment,” New York Times. Everyone can agree┬áthat Frida Kahlo has had an enduring legacy. This article tries to explain that magic. Kahlo even appeared in one of my essays, “Bello Rostra de la Muerte.” It remains one of my favorites.