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My review of Aviya Kushner’s THE GRAMMAR OF GOD: A JOURNEY INTO THE WORLDS AND WORDS OF THE BIBLE, appears today in BookOxygen.

An excerpt from the review:

Kushner writes of the loud, robust discussions that she, her parents, and her siblings had over Biblical grammar. They endlessly debated the meaning of words and punctuation. ‘On my first sleepover, I learned that many families did not discuss ancient grammar. Not over dinner, not at all. This struck me as a terrible shame, a missed opportunity, and it still does.’ Kushner grew up reading an annotated Torah, one in which the texts of commentators throughout the centuries sat alongside the Biblical text, like an early version of crowdsourcing. ‘…I was taught to demand a second opinion, and a third, and a fourth, to cross borders of time and language in order to hear those multiple voices.”’

You can read the entire review here.