To follow up on my repost of Community, Part I, here is Part II from three years ago. In light of what is happening lately in the world, this post again has some relevance.

“At the Wagon Wheel you’re going to find a huge spectrum of beliefs and ideologies. Yet, people there can get past that and just have a cup of coffee with each other.”

If You Have Five Seconds to Spare

Wagon Wheel Stories by Dave Engen and John Cross. Wagon Wheel Stories by Dave Engen and John Cross.

In November I wrote a short post that revolved around the notion of community. I consider community an integral part of who I am, so this post addresses the subject again from a different angle.

A couple of things lately have me thinking about “community.”

First, I got my copy of Wagon Wheel Stories, a compilation of vignettes and photos featuring regular customers of the Wagon Wheel Café in Mankato, Minnesota. Dave Engen and John Cross first published these stories as a series in The Mankato Free Press, where John is chief photographer, and I’m delighted to see them collected in a hardcover, glossy-paged book.

If you are familiar with small towns, then you know the Wagon Wheel Café. It’s not called “The Wagon Wheel” in your town, but you know what it looks like. You know the people…

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