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If you’re in the Minneapolis area and have some creative nonfiction that you want to workshop, I’m leading a workshopping class at The Loft in Minneapolis Nov. 3-Dec. 15. We meet from 6-8 p.m. and the class is structured like a writing workshop–we’ll exchange work and provide feedback to each other.

Here’s the full course description:

“Perhaps you’ve already taken creative nonfiction classes at the Loft, and now you’re well into your own writing project. Do you feel it’s time to move beyond craft talk and immerse yourself in the writing process? This class is for anyone writing creative nonfiction—memoir, essay, narrative nonfiction—who wants guidance on language, characterization, theme, and organization. The class will be structured as a writing group, with opportunities to share work and receive feedback from classmates and the teaching artist. Students will look at examples of successful creative nonfiction and apply those principles to their own work while being exposed to the many different forms creative nonfiction can take. A portion of each class will be set aside for writing exercises and for workshopping longer pieces of work. Students will leave the class with more developed ideas for their work and a plan for continued writing and revision.”

Here’s the registration link. Spots still available!