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You totally want to be here, right? This is a completely awesome place on earth to write for a weekend. I’m teaching a memoir workshop in Grand Marais, Minnesota, July 15-16. I did this workshop for the first time last summer and it was FABULOUS! I’m so excited to be going back!

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Grand Marais is in the far northeastern corner of Minnesota.

Reasons to come to Grand Marais to write:

  • Nature, nature, nature. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Lake Superior, pine forests, Minnesota “mountains.”
  • It’s cool! Literally and figuratively. If you’re like me and dislike heat and humidity, you can almost guarantee that the weather in Grand Marais will be wonderfully cool. The town is situated on the northwest side of Lake Superior, and the cold lake keeps the town easily 20-25 degrees cooler than temps in other parts of the state.
  • Food. You work hard all day writing. In the evening, you need nourishment. Find it at Sven and Ole’s pizza! Easily the most delicious pizza in Minnesota (aside from Yellow Mushroom in Waseca–sorry, that’s a sentimental choice for me).
  • Unplug. Yes, you can get wi-fi and cell service in Grand Marais. But why? Instead, take a walk along Artists’ Point after class and revel in the sound of the waves. See this Brevity blog post on “boredom.” Yeah, I love being “bored” here:

More information about my workshop is here.