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OK, so I didn’t write the WHOLE time I was on my writing retreat in Duluth.

What are your tips and tricks for keeping a consistent writing practice? I will admit, there are times when I fall short. But you know what, that’s OK! I have learned there will always be times when you have to bow down to other priorities, such as family and work. Trust yourself that you’ll get back on track when the time is right.

Summer break was pretty productive for me. I had a big revision project to work on with an early September deadline. At the beginning of the summer, I was overwhelmed by the task. But I took time to break it down and saw what I needed to accomplish each week to get it done. It took getting up at 6 a.m. and writing in that quiet time for an hour or hour and a half each weekday, but I got it done. I also snuck away for a mini-retreat and spent a couple of entire days on the project.


There was a full moon when I was in Duluth. Lake Superior inspires me. 

I submitted it on Sept. 6 and took a few days off. But that routine embedded itself, and now I’m back writing in the early mornings. I’m not able to work on my creative ventures at this time — lately my writing has revolved around grant-writing, book reviews, small freelance assignments, and work projects. But writing is writing! I love working with words, and I find joy in crafting narratives for whatever reason.

What does your writing practice look like?