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I haven’t sent Christmas cards for years. And it makes me a little sad, because I enjoyed the ritual of creating cards, addressing envelopes and sending them out. I’m just being lazy and relying on the illogical thought that because I post on social media regularly, everyone knows everything about what I’ve been doing in the past year.

But I know how much I appreciate the cards that come to my house from friends and relatives during the holiday season. Someone took the time to think of me and send me a card as a way to keep in touch, even if we already keep in touch virtually or in person. I’m falling short by not extending the same courtesy.

Maybe next year? Or New Year’s cards?

The images of vintage cards inspire me. I would love to find some or make my own. I scanned this article about the history of Christmas cards — it was a good read and I recommend it if you have a few moments. Unless you need to get those cards in the mailbox — then finish that first, lol!

Are you sending out holiday cards this year? Why or why not?