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Bill Harris wanted poster

The Bill Harris FBI “Wanted” poster. Under “remarks,” the “reportedly jogs, swims and rides bicycle for exercise” stands out to me — he could have been a triathlete in training before the triathlon craze emerged. Ahead of his time!

Bill and Emily Harris were actually captured in 1975 when they left their apartment to go for a jog. Running for recreation is a relatively new concept — the running boom in the U.S. emerged in the early 1970s.

Bill Harris served approximately 7 1/2 years in prison after his 1975 arrest. In 2003, he was sentence to seven years for his role in 1975 Crocker bank robbery that killed Myrna Opsahl. He was released in 2006 after serving half of the sentence.

According to a Feb. 15, 2003, New York Times article, Bill Harris said this to Jon Opsahl, Myrna’s son, in the courtroom during sentencing: “It is your day, and I apologize. But you’re not going to walk out of here thinking justice was done.”