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sacred 1

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a proper cemetery visit with a good camera. I’m in Alnwick, England, having brought some MNSU students over for a study abroad opportunity. I needed to test out the camera that they’ll be using, so I took a short walk down the street from the castle to St. Michael’s Church.

Now I remember what I love so much about these visits. What a serene, peaceful, sacred space. It was the perfect way to spend a little time on a Sunday, especially after arriving on Saturday after 24 hours of travel.

church 3

The steward kindly had to correct me twice — I was in a “churchyard,” not a “cemetery.”

church 6

This church was built in the 1500s. There have been some updates, of course, but largely this structure has stood for 600 years. Prince Harry has attended a wedding here, and sometimes the Duke of Northumberland and his family attend services.

church 5I like how the light is hitting the red fabric of the high altar.

church 7church 7church 8

Here I was playing with aperture, which is a function of a DSLR that I hadn’t used for a long time.

Shortly after I visited the churchyard and church, I attended an Evensong service as a different church. This made for a fulfilling and contemplative late afternoon and evening.