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Photo Credit: Bosc d’Anjou Flickr via Compfight cc

In all the years I’ve taught memoir at The Loft, at times I would have an immigrant in the class who wanted to write his/her story.

On Saturday, in my generative memoir class, I had SIX immigrants show up.

I was heartened and excited. Because instead of seeing one big faceless group, memoirs will provide an individual’s perspective. People have known for ages that it’s easy to demonize a faceless group, easier to demonize when you strip them of humanity, strip them of their stories.

In the class was a woman from Iraq, a man from Austria, a man from Greece, a man from India, and two women from Laos. They’d been in the U.S. anywhere from 40 years to just a few years. Six people out of a class of 15 — more than one-third.

I think there are a few reasons why so many immigrants were in the class. For one, I think The Loft is doing a great job reaching out to underrepresented communities. But also, now more than ever because of the political climate, immigrants feel an urgent need to tell their individual stories.

I hope they all left class inspired and ready to do the work of writing memoir. I predict this will be the next big wave in memoir — we’ve had waves of women’s memoir, trauma memoir, big huge dramatic story memoir, addiction memoir, etc. Now is the perfect time for immigrant memoir. I cannot wait to read those stories.