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I love reading narrative nonfiction, and that’s the genre for my current writing project.

Because I’m in the revision stage of the Camilla Hall manuscript right now, it’s time to pay attention to narrative tension. Everyone who knows about the Symbionese Liberation Army knows how the story of Camilla Hall ends — she dies in a shoot-in with Los Angeles police.

So I’m thinking about books I’ve read where I know the ending because it’s a true story. What keeps me reading? Films and TV shows can fall into this category, as well. For example, I just finished watching Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes and Free Solo. We know how the Ted Bundy story ends, and we know how the Alex Honnold story ends as well. But both captivated me. 

What keeps you reading/watching? I have some theories, but I want to hear from you. After I get some comments, I’ll write a new post with the results.