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Cleaning out my home office was like going on an archeological dig.

Do you ever get that feeling, too? I mean, I cleared out files from 2009 relating to a place I haven’t worked at for six years. Really?!

I have a nice little space upstairs. It doesn’t have its own door (Stephen King would not approve) but it’s tucked away from the rest of the house.

I used the office regularly when I worked for Kaplan University. I telecommuted for four years and this was where I worked in the mornings or when I needed to do a phone conference. I wrote a lot of my memoir in this space, too.

The room has a window and lots of natural light, especially in the afternoon. But I often found myself working downstairs at the kitchen island. There’s so much more light downstairs, plus it’s where my dogs like to hang out, and I like to hang out near them.

Since 2013, the room has mostly been a place to store papers and files. During winter or summer break, I might clear it out a little, but I hadn’t done a thorough cleaning for a couple of years.

I’m still not sure I will work a lot up there (I do prefer the downstairs space), but I want that option. Plus, I just want a clear space devoted to writing and thinking. The physical clutter was cluttering my mind. I try to keep my yoga space clean and neat, so why wouldn’t I do the same for my writing space?

What does your home office look like? Do you find it a challenge to keep it clean?