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Drawing by Abby Daleki. Proclamation of “The Chariot” by Ann Rosenquist Fee. 

I’m resurrecting my “favorite things” series that I had started a couple of years ago. There’s just too much great stuff out there to keep to myself. I generally will share two writing/reading related things, along with a random thing.

Ann Rosenquist Fee’s fashion tarot posts. I’ve known Ann for more than 20 years. She’s the type of person I simply like to be near in hope that a little bit of her talent and perspective will rub off on me. Her latest daily blog post series is a collaborative effort with Abby Daleki (another super-talented Mankato woman). Abby did 100 days of drawing, and Ann took some of those drawings and proclaimed them tarot cards. She’s using each “card” to inspire a short essay about her recent hysterectomy. The posts are touching and insightful, and leave something for the reader to bring into his/her own life. They read like a self-help book.

Found Photos” by James Eli Shiffer, Minneapolis StarTribune. Shiffer came into possession of a box of photos that showed a little girl in the 1950s. He did some research and uncovered a sad and moving story. I’m a sucker for the untold or forgotten story that someone brings to life. This is one of the best I’ve read in a long time.

The Move” podcast with Lance Armstrong and George Hincapie. I love the Tour de France. It signifies summer. This year I start the day with Phil Liggett and Bob Roll (RIP Paul Sherwen) on the NBC Sports live broadcast and end the day with Lance and George. They are insightful, irreverent and funny. It’s great to hear a recap of each day’s stage from cycling experts who are knowledgeable and entertaining.

What are your favorite things this week?