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I received an important reminder today: Don’t be so caught up in the achievement phase that you lose sight of what’s important.

Writers are often looking at their work in terms of achievement. How many words did I write today? Can I get an essay published? Can I nab an agent? When this is all done, what will the book look like? How will it do? Who will buy it? How much money will I make?

Then when you fall short on a goal, you feel like a failure.

Is it time for you to step back and focus on what’s important? Why are you writing this story? What drives you to put it on paper? Why is it important for you to tell it?

The crafting of the story is what should fulfill you, not the outside matters that often are out of your control.

Take a step back today if you need to. Take a deep breath. Perhaps journal a bit on why you’re writing this.