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The Pleasant Corner Art Retreat just outside of Stockholm, Wisconsin. You can find it on Airbnb. I highly recommend it for any writer or artist looking for solitude. It’s a few miles from the nearest town so it’s very easy to not be distracted. I barely went outside the entire time I was there!

I spent 36 hours over the weekend doing nothing but working on manuscript revisions. Well, I did sleep and take some food breaks 🙂 

At home, if I spend more than a couple of hours writing, I get restless and I’m ready to move on to something else.

But I got to my Airbnb* on Saturday ready to roll. I didn’t have that restless feeling and the hours passed quickly.

However, it was taxing and it felt like work. Work of my own making, and work I wanted to do, but work nonetheless.

If I did this more often, I wonder if it would feel less like work. I could get used to it, though!

What I completed:

  • Typed in all comments from my four readers on the first 140 pages of the manuscript.
  • Reviewed the comments as a whole and made a “to-do” list of 25 things (!) that still need to be addressed, gaps that need to be filled, etc.
  • Started a little bit of actual revision.
  • Read the LAPD report on the May 17, 1974 shootout that killed Camilla.
  • Mulled and thought.
  • Journaled a bit on next steps.
  • Wrote two blog posts.
  • Read my current nightstand book.

This is the result of me listening to messages from the universe. Do I really have to go back to my day job now, lol!


Me, trying to be writerly.

IMG_2029 2

Melanie from my writing group was able to join me for one night.