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We’re 16 days into the new year — how are your writing goals going?

I will admit — I set rather vague goals in this area. I ended 2019 on a writing high note with lots of productivity and forward motion. But shortly after the new year, my energy fizzled. I’ve been letting this stasis get me down, then it filters into other aspects of my life, and ugh…

Now that I’m back in the classroom this week, I penciled writing time into my calendar. Twice a week I will go to the library and write, think, mull. I’m excited because I haven’t used the library like this for a long time.

The manuscript continues to need refinement. I have a couple of short pieces I’d like to work on. I’d like to keep submitting widely.  I began a rejection club with some other writers and I’m happy to say that’s one race I’m winning so far this year, ha.

Tell me about your 2020 writing goals!