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I was honored to be featured in a blog Q&A with Adam Wahlberg of Fast Horse, a creative agency based in Minneapolis. I’m always happy when someone finds my book, now 7+ years after publication. Adam was nice enough to reach out and ask me some questions. Here’s a sample:

Q: Your mother took great joy in books, which seemed to feed her need for internal adventure. Did seeing your mother read as much as she did help light your devotion to books?

A: Yes, 100 percent. I am so grateful that she gave that gift to me and that was she such a role model. I’m quite sure I wouldn’t be a writer today if she hadn’t modeled that love of reading for me. I know of parents who never read in front of their kids, and I think there’s no way their children will grow up with a love for books. Parents, let your kids see you reading something more than your phone.

You can read the full interview here.