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Photo courtesy of the U.S. National Archives via Flickr.

I’m in the process of querying my manuscript and that means getting a lot of rejections. It takes patience to find that person who is just right for your project.

I’ve been doing this for months so I’m well into it, but I was thinking there could have been a fun way to approach this.

Even though rejections aren’t personal, and many of those decisions are made from a marketing perspective, it can still sting. But I don’t like feeling negative or disappointed each time I receive a rejection. So how could I turn that around?

How about this: Pay yourself each time you get a rejection! Set an amount that works for you — maybe a quarter, or a dollar, or even five dollars. And then after you have acquired a certain amount, treat yourself! A fancy coffee, a nice meal, a new outfit, or — if you can sock away a good chunk for each rejection — a trip somewhere once we can safely travel.

This could inspire you to really get those queries out there. The more agents and editors you contact, the more rejections you’ll get, and the more your fund will grow! And the truth is, the more people you query, the better chances you have of connecting with the person who will take on your work.

Let me know how it goes!