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I find this quote attributed most often to Albert Einstein. My home space is cluttered, and my mind definitely feels the same.

I’ve long passed the phase where I feel compelled to do a mad cleaning frenzy before people come over. I live here and I work here — it’s ridiculous to think I would live and work in a pristine space. My house is cluttered and I make no apologies.

Perhaps before the pandemic, when people had clearer delineations between office space and home space, those home spaces could be kept clear. If you transitioned to working at home, do you find your house more cluttered?

If you come to my house, I will guarantee you that the kitchen and bathrooms will be clean -– that’s important to me. But if some bills are lying around, or books, or magazines, or newspapers, then forgive me. Shove the clutter aside and please, sit down and relax.