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Just north of Duluth, Minnesota

This information was sent a couple of days ago to people on my email newsletter list. Each month I send out writing-related tips and info and news about my forthcoming book, tentatively titled Breaking Point: One Woman’s Transformation from Activist to Radical in 1970s America. I aim to always keep the newsletters brief. Get a free 9-minute audio summary of my book when you subscribe at http://www.rachaelhanel.com.

Happy Halloween season! It’s lovely to see all the pumpkins and gourds and the very creative yard displays (I saw a great cemetery in a yard the other day). I get a sense of renewed energy around this time of year. Maybe because we’re heading into Scorpio season—any Scorpio’s favorite season, lol! 

Here’s what you can expect in this month’s newsletter:

  1. A writing tip
  2. What I’m reading/listening to
  3. A recent blog post
  4. Book news

A writing tip

This is actually an editing tip I came across recently on the Brevity blog. I saved it because I thought it would be useful in writing classes that I teach. Amy Beth Sisson reveals a number of editing strategies, such as write in a different tense or a different point of view. 


What I’m reading/listening to

I read “Who Is the Bad Art Friend”? in the Oct. 10 issue of The New York Times Magazine. It is the story of two writers—one who claimed the other took her life story and used it in her writing. I want other writers to read this so we can talk about it! I have lots of thoughts. 


A recent blog post

I’m always looking for ways to spark creativity. I wrote a blog post in which I shared 5 tips on how to cultivate creativity. I love these tips because you can easily fit them in no matter how busy you are. Let me know your favorite ways to cultivate creativity!


Book news

Nothing much to report here! I expect to become busier working on final revisions toward the end of the year or early next year. In the last month, I actually got an idea for another book…stay tuned!