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Bea Arthur as Dorothy and Bonnie Bartlett as Barbara Thorndyke in “Dorothy’s New Friend,” episode 15, Season 3 of The Golden Girls. Bartlett is best known for her role as Dr. Craig’s long-suffering wife in St. Elsewhere.

What kind of author are you? What kind of author do you aspire to be?

Are you kind? Generous? Encouraging? I hope so!

But there are some authors who are elitist, condescending, and aloof, like Barbara Thorndyke in “Dorothy’s New Friend” episode of The Golden Girls. Dorothy meets Barbara and is excited to have a friend in which she can participate in intellectual discussions because let’s face it, Blanche and Rose don’t offer a lot in that department 🙂 Dorothy is also excited to introduce Barbara to the girls but right away, Barbara puts them off with her snooty attitude. Blanche and Rose can see right through Barbara’s act, but it takes Dorothy a little longer to figure that out.

Barbara Thorndyke is a stereotype of the arrogant intellectual. However, these people do exist. I can think of one big-name writer I met once who gave off that sort of attitude. I’d like to meet her again to see if she is still that way. But almost every author I’ve met has been kind and approachable.

As an author, your readers want to talk to you because they appreciate your writing. They appreciate something that you’ve created. You wouldn’t be anywhere without them.

Don’t be a Barbara Thorndyke. Be a kind, generous, and thoughtful YOU!