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My book on Camilla Hall isn’t coming out until October or November, but things are moving right along. I revised the first three chapters back in December to give readers a better preview of what was to come in the story. At that point I also assembled some possibilities for photographs. I was very keen on including photos in this book. I’m always a little disappointed when I read a true story that doesn’t include any photos of the people in the book. I’m pretty sure this book is going to have a center gallery, hopefully on the nice glossy photo paper.

My editor and I settled on 16 photos. I think the photos as a whole do a great job of representing Camilla’s life from beginning to end — childhood, young adulthood, and her final years in California. They also do a good job of representing who she was.

Here’s one in particular that I just love. Camilla is being goofy at an art fair in Los Angeles. Apparently she is mimicking getting attacked by a boa constrictor. Ha! Why that is, I’m not sure — maybe she’s acting out something she had seen in a piece of art there.

This photo is courtesy of Camilla’s friend, Cheryl Brooks. Cheryl was so kind and generous with her time in talking to me and sharing photos and art of Camilla’s. I’m so glad I got to visit Cheryl last June in Taos.

It’s so fun working on getting the book ready for publication. I will post more updates here so you can get a behind-the-scenes look of how it’s coming together.