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I came across this old post on Facebook and thought I would share it here. Teachers have been so influential in my life.

I’ve had a lot of teachers! K-12, then 4.5 years as an undergrad, then 6 years for master’s, then 5 years for Ph.D. You have to love teachers to spend that much time in school, lol!

All those teachers! Ms. Rysavy, Mr. Hoelmer, Mrs. Schlichte, Mr. Brooks, Mr. Oraskovich, Mrs. Krumwiede, Mr. Dufault, Mr. Ayers, Mrs. Praxl, Mr. Williams, Mrs. Swanson, Mr. Bendix, Mr. Erickson, Mr. Vilt, Mr. Zwach, Mr. Bunkers, Mrs. Flanagan (and that’s just K-12!). Undergrad: Chuck Lewis, Marshel Rossow, Ellen Mrja, John Gaterud. Master’s: Loretta Burns, Paul Burns, Greta Handke (Leigh Pomeroy), William Lass. Ph.D: Gerard Woodward, Kate Pullinger, Tracy Brain.

I’ve been a teacher myself since 2002: Adjunct 2002-12, Fixed-term 2013-2016, tenure track 2016-present. A few years there supporting teachers as a curriculum manager for Kaplan University.

But it really all stems back to my family. My older sister gave me lessons from her German classes on the dry erase board (why did we have a big dry erase board in our house, lol!?) and my mom instilled in me a love of reading and learning and curiosity. I loved playing school even in the days before I ever entered a school. Mom and Dad bought me a school desk (flip-top lid and all!) at a garage sale and that was the very best thing ever! I firmly believe the seeds are planted at a very young age for what you are to do for the rest of your life.

This was like the desk my parents got for me.

Please share your stories of teacher appreciation!!!