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Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler in Better Call Saul

Something Kim Wexler said in a recent episode of Better Call Saul struck me as it relates to Camilla. I’ve often wondered why Camilla didn’t just give up. She would have had plenty of chances to make a phone call to police or turn herself in, especially if she thought she was in too deep.


In the episode of Better Call Saul, Kim visits the widow of Howard Hamlin. Kim–along with her husband Jimmy (Saul) — was present when Howard was killed by Lolo Salmanaca. To protect themselves, they portrayed Howard’s death as a suicide. Six years later, Kim confesses to Howard’s widow. When asked why she didn’t come forward earlier, or right away after it happened, Kim said she wasn’t the only one involved — she stuck with the story to protect Jimmy and others. “It wasn’t just me,” she says.

Perhaps that’s why Camilla stayed with the group. Her ex-lover, Mizmoon Soltysik, was one of the architects of the SLA. Certainly Camilla cared deeply for her. Perhaps Camilla did not want to bear the brunt of being the “narc,” even though she would have saved her own life in the process.

We will never know her motives. We will never know her reasons. My book only presents what is known and speculates upon what is possible. So if you like a good mystery, this may be a book you enjoy.

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