I am so excited to read this book. As soon as I read the short description I knew I had to get it as soon as possible.

I wonder why I focus so much on my failures rather than my successes. My successes make me very happy, of course, but my lows are much lower than my highs are high, if that makes sense. It’s like success has just a very brief flash, while my failures linger on my mind for a long time.

In the past week or so I’ve had a spectacular run of rejections. In the writing world it can take a while to hear back, so for some of these things I had applied several months ago. I keep all my submissions in a spreadsheet. Yellow means the submission is hanging out there yet, turquoise means it was accepted, and red means it was rejected. I have a lot of red right now. I was rejected by two writers conferences and one writing residency within the span of two weeks.

Can we say imposter syndrome!? I have it bad right now. Rationally I know this is ridiculous. My book has been out for three months and has had a wonderful reception. But as we all know, feelings and rationality are often at odds. As the smart people say, gotta feel the feels! So I will feel these feels and hope reading Marche’s book will help me feel better.