I did an author story time on Tuesday, July 10. I took a nice little trip down to Winnebago to the Muir Library to read from my Capstone Press book, Can You Survive Antarctica?

It was great to see so many kids and their parents show up! Heidi Schutt is doing a great job down there of getting kids to the library. The mass of kids reminded me of my own summer days in the mid-1980s hanging out at the Waseca library. One of the best things my mom could have ever done for me was take me to the library at least once a week during the summer.

Deciding what types of food would be good to take on an Antarctic expedition.

I had an audience of about 15 kids down front, with a half-dozen more scattered in the seats. Another dozen or so adults were in the audience as well. Pretty good showing for a town of only 1,300!

Three of my favorite things from the day:

  • Can You Survive Antarctica is a “you choose” book in which readers get to make decisions and choose their paths. I appreciated the little girl who wanted to take the riskiest choice each time! She might become a little daredevil.
  • The 11-year-old who wanted to know more about publishing books. He’s writing a book on Gettysburg. If only I had been so ambitious when I was young!
  • The media coverage. Two reporters showed up with their cameras! One of which was a former student of mine at Bethany Lutheran College—I had kindly reminded her that I was going to be there, lol!

11-year-old Grant. He’s writing a book, which I think is fabulous!

My friend, Diane, went with me and brought her three little boys. Diane has always been one who is up for anything!

James, Diane’s youngest