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RACA logo, courtesy of RACA website

Rural artists (and those who love them) should check out the new RACArt (Rural America Contemporary Art) website, founded by the esteemed Brian Frink, a colleague of mine at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

I’ve lived in Mankato for 18 years and one thing that keeps me here is the multitude of creative talent and free thinkers. Of course, this type of talent and thinking exists anywhere. But in large cities, I’m sure it exists in droves, in a way that could be difficult to navigate. I like the small-ish artist community in the area, because I get a chance to get to know these people. For example, today at the Coffee Hag, I saw:

  • A recent MFA grad/writer
  • A host of a smooth jazz radio show
  • A musician who happens to be opening for the Indigo Girls
  • Another musician
  • The director of a local earth/spirituality center
  • A dance professor

And those were just the people I knew. Who knows what types of creative things the strangers were up to.

Brian is looking for submissions to RACA. Here’s his call:

“RACA currently seeks creative and critical work from artists working in all mediums—from visual art to popular music to flash fiction—for inclusion, discourse, and publication. In particular, we seek work that is from, about, or in conversation with rural America and contemporary art.”

Go to the website for more information.

Photo by author

Do you do art in a rural area? If so, what’s the best thing about it?