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Flickr photo by UGArdener. Wall mural in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

If you’re interested in writing memoir and want to start exploring different areas of your life, check out this prompt I’ve come up with.

Write about your parents’ jobs (or even lack thereof, if that’s the case). How did their work affect you? Were they blue collar/white collar? Did their jobs involve long hours that took them away from home? Were you proud of the work they did? Were you embarrassed? Did their jobs offer financial security and a comfortable way of life? Or did the family struggle financially? What did you learn about life by observing your parents at work?

I basically ended up writing an entire memoir about my dad’s job as a gravedigger.

If you end up further exploring the concept of work in your life, I recommend these fantastic books:

Working by Studs Terkel

Limbo: Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams by Alfred Lubrano