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I need this book. The short review in ObitMag intrigued me.

Apparently, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ famous five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance) were originally used to describe how one confronts one’s own impending death. It was not meant to be applied to how we react to the death of others. But when they were applied to the grieving process after Kubler-Ross published On Death and Dying in 1969, she did not protest.

Since then, grief has been viewed as a “journey” one must travel. And Konigsberg’s book suggests that an entire bereavement counseling industry was launched–because of course people need professional guidance through this journey.

Check out Konigsberg’s website.

What do you think? What happens when we apply a formula to grief? If you’ve experienced grief, did you go through the five-stage journey? What did your journey look like?