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Rachael and Stacy

This is me and my friend Stacy, who authors the Down to Earth Digs blog. It’s so great to meet with fellow bloggers in person! Though Stacy and I cheated a bit–she and her family have been friends of my husband’s family for years and years, so we knew each other even before the Internet 🙂 This picture was taken at my niece Sarah’s wedding on Oct. 20.

I was really happy to reconnect with Stacy via WordPress and I’m so impressed with her blog that details her garden, animals, landscape, etc., at her home. She lives outside of Waseca, and I’m happy that she calls my hometown her adopted hometown. Country Gardens Magazine did a photo shoot at her place in July, so look for Stacy’s garden in the glossy pages of the magazine!

I’m glad she doesn’t live far from me because in the case of a nuclear winter, I’m heading right over to her house because I know her pantry is well-stocked with her plentiful produce! She could be transported back in time to 1933 and she would get along just fine. Whereas I would probably wither and die.

Do you have a “connecting with a blogger” story? I would like to meet more of you in person someday!