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Record cookies. Don’t look too closely!

Not only do I write books, but I bake cookies for book events.

These extremely homemade record cookies were for my friend Kirstin Cronn-Mills, who recently gathered with some friends to celebrate the release of her second book for young adults, Beautiful Music for Ugly Children.


The main character, Gabe, is a high school senior who spends his time as a radio DJ on a community radio station (very much like our own KMSU in Mankato). So of course Kirstin needed to have the launch at Tune Town in Mankato.

Mankato’s very own Tune Town music store.

The playlist of B-sides for the evening included The Smiths’ “How Soon Is Now?” (Amazing to think the group’s most popular song was a B-side).

I was honored to be in the same writing group as Kirstin when she was working on BMUC. I saw this book from inception to finished product, and loved reading it while it was in progress. Kirstin has a special talent for writing in an authentic outsider voice. If you are a young adult or know any young adult who would appreciate reading a narrator who has an outsider perspective, please check out Kirstin’s books.

Kirstin and her gold record.