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Read this description of Tracy Lee Karner’s new memoir and tell me it doesn’t sound intriguing 🙂

From Amazon.com:

“After Tracy Lee Karner discovered her debilitating pain and fatigue were incurable, her entire life changed. Unable to continue working as an educator, and without strength for the demands of ordinary family and community life, it became impossible to continue a lifestyle of never-ending efficiency and productivity. So she moved to a secluded five-acres of woods in the mountains of New Hampshire, where she immersed herself in the healing rhythms of the natural world. With her chef-husband, she found sustenance in the kitchen and discovered the hope that comes from lifting our eyes to the hills. During those years she wrote journals and letters about her new, tranquil life and about the uncomplicated faith she had experienced as a child, when she never doubted the love of God.

“Eventually she found that the daily pracitice of writing creates its own ambition to be read. But it didn’t take long for her to uncover the near-impossibilty of being published, for a woman without a career whose health swings from not-so-great to disabling. Still, she couldn’t stop writing. She decided to pursue Plan B, hoping academic credentials might allow her to to combine her passion for words, and an income.

“When she re-entered the world of academia, her husband supported her determination to never allow the world’s obsessive busy-ness to reclaim her, and she worked steadily but reasonably to meet her goals. Meanwhile they traveled New England and enjoyed its bountiful goodness, despite their many health challenges.

“In Toward Daylight: becoming a writer, despite everything, Tracy Lee Karner tells of a life guided by love and hope. From moving into a fixer-upper cabin in need of a new kitchen, to learning how to tap trees and make maple syrup, food and faithfulness come together to nourish and inspire. You’ll want to snuggle up near the hearth to immerse yourself in the story, and you’ll long to pack your bags for a wide variety of excersions, from the remote wilderness in northwest Quebec, to the historical and gourmet North End of Boston. Most importantly, you’ll find empowerment to achieve your own dream, despite everything.”

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