I adore Sonya. She’s a sharp cookie. Read this fabulous advice she has posted for aspiring writers.

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817404680Here at Brevity, we adore straight talk, honesty, shrimp and grits, and common sense. One of our favorite writer/teachers Sonya Huber provides most everything on our list in her recent blog posting entitled How to Publish Your Book.  Good, gritty common sense, honest and straightforward.

Here are the questions she is so often asked:

Question 1: How Do I Get My Book Published?

Question 2: How Do I Write a Book?

Question 3: How Do I Write MY Book?

Question 4: Are you asking me how I became a writer?

Question 5: How do I get an agent?

And here are excerpts from a few of her answers.  But read the entire posting, really.

… I’m trying to figure out and express exactly why the question is so agonizing. I think it boils down to my own inadequacy. Here’s my batting average (for real). About 1 hour a day since I…

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