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The window at The Book Cellar, Chicago. Barrie’s book also has an awesome cover.

I recently spent 36 hours in Chicago, in and out for an event May 9 at The Book Cellar. I read with Barrie Jean Borich, author of the recent Body Geographic and my former mentor in the Loft Mentorship series.

Barrie and me at The Book Cellar, Chicago.

Barrie and me at The Book Cellar, Chicago.

Barrie mentioned that there seem to be a lot of cemetery enthusiasts in Chicago who might like my book. When she said that, I was reminded of a story I hadn’t thought about for years: the story of Resurrection Mary. They say (I love the “they” in “they say”!) that through the years, a young woman has been spotted at different times walking along Archer Avenue in Justice, just outside of Chicago. She’s dressed as if ready to go to a party. She’s been picked up by drivers several times (or so “they” say) and she always asks to be let out in front of Resurrection Cemetery.

I had totally forgotten about this story. It was one that mesmerized me as a child (if you’ve read my book, then you know of my childhood fascination with the supernatural–Resurrection Mary was part of this, though I don’t mention her by name in my book). It made me wish I had planned more free time on this trip. The next time I’m in Chicago, I definitely am going to Resurrection Cemetery.

Here’s the “Unsolved Mysteries” segment on Resurrection Mary.

I frankly do not have any creepy cemetery stories of my own. Do you? If so, please share!