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I look funny! Why are my eyes closed? Stonehenge, 2004.

In a few days, God willing, I will be arriving in England safe and sound. I’m in a low-residency Ph.D. program in creative writing through Bath Spa University, and late February/early March is the residency period.

I last went to England in 2004–it was a dream trip! I’ve always had a love for England and (almost) all things British. In 2004 we spent most of the time in the north, in Manchester. We took this trip to Stonehenge on my 30th birthday. Not a bad way to spend a milestone birthday!

I’m pretty excited to be going back. It’s my plan to blog while I’m there, especially if I have time to visit some cemeteries.

2004 was also my last international trip. My prior international trip to that was 1993. I really hope to go fewer than 10 years between travel from here on out!