A post about cemetery flowers from two years ago. I like the old photos I included here; I haven’t seen anything like this in the modern era.

If You Have Five Seconds to Spare

Emma Manske grave, Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery, Mankato, Minnesota

This photo was among many collected by a great-aunt of my husband’s. My interest in cemeteries had led me to see many post-mortem photos, but I had not come across an old picture of a fresh gravesite before.

What strikes me is the copious amount of flowers. After Dad had closed a grave, he would let me place the casket spray on top of the freshly replaced sod. That was the extent of flowers on a grave in my experience.

Here, Emma’s grave is covered with bouquets and arrangements. A prominent “Our Daughter” is displayed at the foot of the grave:

I find this interesting because Emma was also a young mother, but I do not see a traditional “Mother” arrangement among these flowers.

Have you seen anything like this in recent years? Do you have old photos that show something similar?…

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